If you’re serious about getting your brows done, this is the place to go!!! I am super happy with my results!!!! I don’t wanna sound like an advertisement but if you want fuller, darker, symmetrical, AND natural looking brows, Caress is the one!!! They are so sweet and take their time drawing your brows. Not only do they measure the right brow shape for your face, but her coloring is superb!!!

My friend and I got our brows done and the same time and Julie was so nice to schedule us in together. The process takes about 2 hrs but it goes by pretty fast… Just make sure you eat before you come haha!!! I wont lie, it hurts, but they put numbing cream on and there is really little to no pain after!!!! WHICH IS AWESOME!!!!!Maybe a little tightness and itching while it is healing but really nothing to complain about.

As your brows heal, you’ll start to notice the fine details of their work and how natural they look!! Note: Don’t freak out when you first get them done, just wait until it starts to peel and heal (about 1-2 weeks?). Follow their care instructions and leave the cream they put on until it goes away. It’ll look funny and shiny for a bit but it’s worth the end results!

Every time I hear someone cry about how annoyed they are with their brows, I recommend Caress. They are one of the best with GREAT pricing!!!!!! No one can ever tell I got them done because they look so natural!!! Do it girls (or boys), commit to an appointment here and you wont regret it!!!! ūüėÄ

Bon A.
Julie and the rest of the staff at Caress are AMAZING! I got microblading for my eyebrows as well as top and bottom eyeliner done. The entire process on my first visit took about 3 hours. It seems long, but they do tell you beforehand how long it will take.
The microblading itself was painful, even with the numbing cream, but Julie did ask if it was hurting too much she would stop and put more on and then continue, but I braved it out the on the first application. After the first application, she put on more numbing cream, waited about 10-15 minutes then did it a second time, and repeated the process for a total of 3 applications. And yes by the second application, my eyebrows were good and numb, lol.
I have gotten my eyebrows tattooed before, probably about 10 years ago I think, and so they already have faded to a “pinkish” color. Julie did warn me that it might not catch with the microblading, and as it healed, I did notice that it didn’t catch. So I went in and did a touch up about 6 weeks later. She noticed it and told me that she would go a little bit deeper this time and use a darker color than she did the first time. So hopefully it works!!!
As for the eyeliner, it was another staff that did it. She was an older Korean lady who was very nice. The procedure was the same as the microblading. Numbing cream then she tattooed the eyeliner. There was some discomfort because I mean it’s SUPER CLOSE to your eyeball, and there were times I thought she would hit my eyeball and was scared as crap, BUT she didn’t =) Lol.
I will be going back in January to get a touch up for them because I want the eyeliner to be thicker since I have big eyes and want to make them appear smaller.
They also are very quick in responding to you when you message them through Yelp. I love their customer service and after my first appointment they actually gifted me w/ this artisanal soaps that smelled really good. I would definitely recommend them if you are interested in getting permanent makeup.
Kat. M
This review is for Michelle who did my microblading

For my first time microblading I went with Michelle who my cousin recommended me to. I scheduled an appointment online with a $100 deposit. I was impressed with how busy she was. She was all booked up for about a month in. On the day of, I came early and was told to wait for a bit because she was with a client. While I was waiting, she applied numbing cream to my brows.

Once she was ready she called me into the room to go over my color of choice, shape, and look. The room was pretty big and the bed was pretty comfy. I laid down and she stenciled out the outline to see if it was okay with me. Once I was happy she asked my girlfriend to leave for the procedure. She took about 5 minutes on each eyebrow. So each session was 10 minutes for both eyebrows. After each session she had me go to the waiting room to wait for about 10-15 each time. She would call me back to the procedure room. We did three sessions. The entire process took about 2 hours to complete.

Once I finished, she had me go back out to pay the remainder of the balance. She gave me a print out of the directions and answered any questions I had. She also scheduled my complementary retouch which is to be done 4-6 weeks from the initial appointment. I’m on my second week right now and it’s starting to slightly peel like expected. So far though I am loving generic diflucan advicarehealth.com/diflucan.html.

Cat N.
Michelle is amazing !
Got my brows micro bladed in October and got a required touch up in November and they’re amazing !
My brows are full,true to my original brow shape and healed perfectly. I’m so happy with them and now my makeup routine is so minimal; no more extra time to fill in and shape and brush brows on everyday!
This has been the best beauty investment of my life!
Sarah S.

A friend came across this place on instagram and I checked out all the pictures and thought every brow looked really good. I called on a Monday and had an appointment that Friday. Julie was my technician and she was very sweet and patient. She explained everything and when she measured me and shaped my eyebrows it was the perfect shape for my face. Julie also mixed the right color for my brows. I felt really comfortable and continued with the microblading. The result was great and I can’t wait till they heal for the final result.

Rosie U.

My friend recommended this place to me. She had her eyebrows done for about a month and her eyebrows look absolutely natural. To this day, I keep complimenting her eyebrows. The ambiance is serene and comfortable. I was greeted immediately and they offered me a drink and I felt the trust as soon as I walked thru the front door.

I wanted my friend’s eyebrows but they told me that the consultation is based on my facial structures. So, I had a 15 minute consultation about my natural arch and shape, the intensity of the color, and thickness of the brows. They are meticulous, great listeners, have patience, not pushy, you don’t feel rushed, and very professional. They tell you every step of the process.

Julie and Michelle are attentive, phenomenal, professional, comforting, warm, and relaxed. If you don’t know what kind of brows you want, its ok. Julie and Michelle are there to help you. I told them I don’t speak Korean well – they speak perfect english. There’s no language barrier.

I got lucky and was able to book an appointment on a Saturday and they’re booked for months! Drove from OC to LA – so call and make an appointment! I love my eyebrows!! Thank you Julie and Michelle!

I walked out of my session and there were 7 ladies in the waiting room.

Amy Y.
I got my eyebrows done by Julie and I could not be happier with the results! I did a lot of research on Yelp and Instagram about microblading and decided I would make an appointment with Caress since their results were exactly what I was looking for and their price was reasonable. If you want good results, you have to pay the price. My mom got her brows done several times in the past and cared too much the cost and I think her results suffered.

Both Julie and Michelle were extremely friendly and talked with me during my appointment. After I showed her a few photos from their Instagram and Yelp, she made her suggestions and penciled an outline of where she would microblade. I was pretty picky and commented on areas I wanted different. After agreeing on the shape, length and width of my future brows, Julie did her thing (of course I had numbing cream, which can make the experience virtually painless). Julie was very good about noticing if the numbing cream was wearing off and made sure I remained comfortable.

After about a month to six weeks I came back for phentermine http://phentermineonline.org/benefits-of-buying-phentermine-online/. I thought my brows already looked pretty good and took the color really well. But I did have a few areas I wanted touched up. Julie noticed exactly where to add more hair strokes and I did want my brows to come a little closer together and wanted them slightly lengthened. She was happy to make the changes although she didn’t recommend going in too far to the middle of the face cause it could look unnatural.

All in all, I’m happy with my experience and I have several people already interested in making an appointment with Caress Permanent Makeup!

Candice K.
Michelle did an awesome job! Basically, I grew up in the 90s and plucked out all my eyebrows. Now, I have natural perfect ones. Michelle is a true artist because she knew exactly what I wanted as far as shape and color. This is the place to go.
Vicky M.
I waited until after my complimentary touch up to write this review and WOW! I am so so so happy with the results!! My eyebrows look so natural and full (finally!!!!!)

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I would dread waking up in the morning and filling in my eyebrows. They would slant downwards and we’re really uneven. Now, I don’t even have to touch them because they’re perfect! Michelle did such an clean job and took her time to make sure I loved them!! The price is very reasonable compared to other places and the quality of their work is amazing. I will most definitely be coming back and recommending this place to friends and family!

Taleen B.
I had my brows done a few months ago and absolutely loved both Michelle and Julie. Michelle drew and shaped my brows exactly how I wanted them and Julie did an excellent job of microblading them on. They’re services were so great, I went back to get my eyeliner done as well. As expected Michelle drew them just as I asked and permanently tattooed them with perfection.
They are both very sweet and professional all at the same time. I will definitely recommend their services to all my family and friends.
Jenn P.