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Michelle Woo (Founder)
Michelle Woo (Founder)
As a certified specialist and a licensed esthetician, Michelle knows everything there is to know about permanent makeup. Throughout the years, our customers have come to love her for her eye for the spectacular (pun intended). Michelle has an uncanny ability to tell what is needed for your eyebrows to look rich, healthy and flawless. When it comes to microblading, she knows what she needs to do to deliver just the right strokes, leaving you looking natural and beautiful. Michelle always loves to consult with her clients, asking them what they believe they need in order to look perfect. Once she digests your needs, she serves up her own professional take, allowing you to merge your preferences with expert advice in order to come up with something truly splendid.

It is all coded in her DNA. Michelle just seems to know what color, shape and intensity are required to give your brows that unique sheen.


Wake up every morning with perfectly shaped natural looking eyebrows!
Well-shaped eyebrows can balance overall shape of your face and help you look younger and fresher.
Caress Permanent Makeup offers a wide array of semi-permanent makeup services with the latest trend to enhance your natural beauty


Semi-Permanent Makeup Services

with the latest trend to enhance your natural beauty.