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Caress Permanent Makeup – 4-Day Training Course

The Art of Microblading – Hands-On Beginner Instruction to Advanced Techniques & Professional Secrets in Just 4 Days!

Microblading is one of the most in-demand beauty procedures available today and the Caress “Art of Microblading” 4-Day Course can position you to take advantage of this incredible new opportunity. If you have a clientele in place, all you need is professional microblading training to get ahead of the curve and establish yourself as a microblading specialist.

Caress Permanent Makeup’s “Art of Microblading” 4-Day Course includes:

  • Four-day course in microblading techniques
  • Instructors with 20+ years beauty industry experience
  • Hands-on microblading instruction, including live models
  • Color theory, easy eyebrow designing tips and more
  • No prior experience necessary
  • No licensing necessary

Why Caress Microblading Training?

Microblading is so new that training is not standardized and courses are not reviewed. Many programs include an introduction to microblading, with only a review of basic techniques and not much else. That leaves the rest up to you to figure out, either through trial and error or with additional, very expensive courses.

Caress Permanent Makeup’s “Art of Microblading” 4-Day Course is a hands-on course designed especially to take you from beginner basics through various microblading techniques. We provide all the training you need to hit the ground running and begin practicing as a professional microblading specialist.

You’ll receive the full training you need to be confident in your skills and able to receive your first clients. That’s the Caress difference! Make sure you compare before you consider other microblading classes.

A Closer Look at Your Caress Microblading Classes

Day 1-3 – Introduction to Permanent Makeup Fundamentals & Basics and Microblading/Microstroking Techniques

We’ll explore a variety of critical microblading topics, including:

  • Natural hair growth patterns and brow design
  • Skin anatomy
  • Color theory for all permanent cosmetics
  • Sanitation and sterilization
  • Topical anesthetics
  • Skin preparation and aftercare
  • Using the microblading tool
  • Tool configurations
  • Proper depth of application
  • Custom microblading strokes, pigments and designs
  • Designing brows from scratch (without stencils)
  • What to do about scarring
  • Professional tips & secrets

Instruction during these three days takes students from only hearing about microblading to a professional understanding of techniques, tips to expand knowledge leadership beyond the basics, and the fundamental principles of managing a successful microblading business.

Day 4 – Microblading Live Model Instruction

Instruction on Day 4 is designed to transform theory and practical lessons into hands-on microblading on a live model. This is to ensure familiarity with microblading, to build confidence and to perfect your techniques. You are required to bring your own live model.

At course graduation, you will be prepared to embark on your own very successful, lucrative career as a professional microblading artist!

Meet Your Microblading Instructors

Message from Michelle

Hi, I’m really looking forward to meeting you and sharing the microblading techniques and secrets I’ve learned over my career! I’ve been an Esthetician for 12+ years and the beauty industry has been in my heart since I was a girl.

I’ve had the privilege to train under some really talented permanent makeup artists and microblading specialists and now I’m very passionate about teaching others. There’s so much to share and learn, nothing makes me happier than meeting new people who are inspired by beauty and looking to succeed in the beauty industry.

There’s room for everyone to be part of this professional community and share in a wonderful and rewarding career. Our hands-on microblading training is an opportunity for us to celebrate our talents and experience a wonderful journey together!

Caress “Art of Microblading” 4-Day Course Information

Date: Jul 23, 2019 – Jul 26, 2019

Hours: 10am to 4pm

Location: Caress Permanent Makeup Studio @ 3544 W. Olympic Blvd., #211 Los Angeles, CA 90019

Size: max 6 students

Cost: $3,000 ($1,000 deposit is required with registration. Balance must be paid one week prior to the beginning of class)

Required: You must have a Los Angeles County Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Training Certificate to work on a live model during training; notify us in advance if you need assistance obtaining this certificate. A copy of your certificate must be submitted to us no later than two days prior to training.

Receive: Official “Certificate of Completion” and a Professional Microblading Kit

Notes: Lunch is provided all 4 days, however you may also bring your own.

Microblading Can Change Your Life!

Microblading truly is an art form, one that brings tremendous beauty and satisfaction into the world. This is your chance to transform your art into a lucrative source of income, as an in-demand microblading practitioner. Now is the time to jump on board – you can be the lead microblading artist for your area or community, with a clientele of fabulous and beautiful women who are eager to spread the word about your awesome work!

Don’t go to another course and come out feeling like you’re not ready to practice on real clients! Caress Permanent Makeup’s “Art of Microblading” 4-Day Course will walk you through everything you need to know, with the instruction, skills development, and practice you need to begin professionally microblading right away.

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Reserve Your Spot Today

Our classes are very limited, we only sign up six students per class to ensure there’s lots of time for 1-on-1 instruction and personalized support. That’s how we ensure our students are best prepared for immediate success.

If you have any questions about the Caress “Art of Microblading” 4-Day Course or you’re ready to sign up and secure your place in class, please contact us at 213-761-8284 or

We look forward to seeing you soon!